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Behind each phase, behind each product, there is the work of many people who share the same values ​​and are committed every day to making the Supply chain an innovative and sustainable production model.

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Our history

Ernesto Madeo began the construction works at the age of 22
Ernesto Madeo and his family create the first pig breed
The Madeo family butcher's shop is launched, commercializing the meat of its pigs and the typical Calabrian cured meats produced according to tradition
The production of traditional cured meats increases and the first artisan workshop starts distribution
The first factory dedicated to the slaughtering, transformation and production of typical arbëreshë cured meats is inaugurated
Madeo builds the second farm and begins a long process of recovery of the original genetics "Black pig of Calabria", a native breed
An integrated Supply chain system is born with the cultivation and transformation of the main ingredient of cured meats: the Calabrian chili pepper
Work begins on the construction of the second factory for the production of hams and salted cured meats
The "Piccola Bottega dei Sapori" opens, a company shop for the tasting and sale of its products
To enhance the different native olive grove cultivars, the property oil mill is added, where the organic and PDO extra virgin olive oil is produced, also used to enrich the famous 'Nduja.
After 25 years of activity, the Madeo Agri-Food Supply chain represents an innovative and sustainable business model throughout the Calabrian territory. It is the leader and founding member of the Consortium for the protection of PDO Calabrian cured meat.
A third factory starts being built, dedicated to slaughtering, deboning, processing of meat and traditional fresh preparations. The first photovoltaic system for the production of green electricity is installed.
The third farm dedicated to the production of the White pig of Calabria PDO is inaugurated.
The biogas plant for the production of electrical and thermal energy that feeds the factories is completed
The Madeo Supply chain opens its first "Suino Nero" store at the "FICO Eataly world" agri-food park in Bologna
Madeo is the leader of the National Chain of Black Pigs of Italy, a business network that is spread over 7 regions and which brings together the 5 native breeds of 100% pure Italian Black Pig, with the aim of promoting biodiversity under a single brand and high quality productions
The Madeo Supply chain starts building the fourth farm of the Black Pig of Calabria, on the lush hills overlooking the Ionian Sea
The Madeo Supply chain is completed by its "Accademia del Gusto Ernesto Madeo", a training school with a kitchen and classrooms. The goal is to transfer knowledge to the new generations and keep the ancient crafts of the area alive.


Calabria: true, genuine land, rich in traditions


The secret of the products of the Madeo Supply chain lies in the selection of ingredients, in the use of healthy raw materials, in compliance with the ancient recipes and local traditions.


The Madeo Supply chain was born from the intuition and passion of a young Calabrian entrepreneur, Ernesto Madeo, who together with his family created the first pig farm in 1984. After 30 years of activity, with the entry of the second generation, the tradition renews over time.


The large Madeo family is made up of about 150 people who work with great commitment and passion.
The credibility and future of the Supply chain are concentrated in their expert hands.


The territory is the heritage of the Madeo Supply chain. The water of the luxuriant hills and the air of the two seas of Calabria, the Ionian and the Tyrrhenian, natural resources of the earth, contribute to the growth of plants and give unique aromas to cured meats.

Sustainability and Innovation

The Supply chain represents a sustainable model, perfectly integrated into the territory and respectful of the environment, which is also protected through the use of renewable energy sources (photovoltaic and biogas). Innovation in respect of tradition makes it guardian of a heritage of biodiversity that the Calabrian territory offers.


The company at the center of the community


Sustainability Hero 2022” for Italy in Europe, “Welfare
Chaimpion” and “Welfare Promoter

Corporate welfare is an intrinsic value in the philosophy of the Supply chain which has chosen to put the community at the centre.

Various welfare activities have been implemented over the years: employment policies aimed at reducing the emigration rate of the territory, supplementary social security and health care initiatives, support for vulnerable individuals and social integration.

The Supply chain pays great attention to social development, in order to promote transfer of skills and to guarantee the continuity of a craft and employment in the Calabrian territory.

The vision of the entrepreneur Ernesto Madeo, in fact, understands work as a sense of well-being in realizing and feeling fulfilled.
Since 2016, the companies in the Supply chain have received various awards on corporate welfare from the Ministry of Labor and the associations of category, such as an Italian SME that stands out for its high standards.

Furthermore, the Supply chain has obtained the SMETA certification, a social audit carried out by a third party which allows the health and safety of the workers employed to be monitored.

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