Our Supply chain was born among the wonderful olive groves of the Presilane Joniche Hills.
An uncontaminated territory, a unique and precious resource of our work.

Organic extra virgin olive oil

Our olive groves grow within the PGI Olio di Calabria and PDO Bruzio. They are processed organically, not to respond to a simple market trend, but because it has always been natural for us to do so.

For centuries we have been using sustainable cultivation methods, without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides or insecticides.

The quality of the environment is reflected in the quality of the products that reach the table and we wanted to make excellence the flagship of the Supply chain.

Of course, we only use organic fertilizer produced by the biodigestion plant, so as to create a continuous virtuous cycle, where the earth returns to the earth, in a simple and sustainable way.

The ISO 14001 environmental certification guarantees that all activities are carried out with respect for the environment and people’s health.

Our peculiarities

Our oil is exclusively obtained from the finest varieties of olives: Dolce di Rossano, Roggianella and Carolea,
selected and processed according to the classic cold pressing method.


The harvest is early, carried out during the first ripening of the olives (second half of September, first half of October), when the fruits are bright green, still attached to the plant. It is done by hand with the beating method and through special collection nets. This allows us to always have healthy fruits with the best organoleptic characteristics.


After harvesting, the olives are immediately transported to the mill, to preserve all the integrity of the fruit and avoid any type of alteration. This path allows to obtain an oil with excellent organoleptic characteristics and an out of the ordinary quality.


The defoliated fruits are crushed with granite mills whose slow rotation guarantees perfect homogeneity of the paste. Each olive is processed in the ultra-modern family plant, through a three-phase continuous cycle extraction; in this way it is possible to guarantee a higher yield both in terms of quantity of polyphenols and oleic acid and in terms of consistency of the aromas and flavors typical of the fruit.


We are proud of our awards, the extra virgin olive oil of the Madeo Supply chain is also certified as a 100% Italian short Supply chain product.

An ethical Supply chain

Our Supply chain is an intelligent ecosystem that puts nature, animal, plant and human at the centre. Our work is strongly focused on the quality of life, products and the well-being of animals as well as people. It is an ethical and sustainable way of doing business, but also innovative.


The territory is our greatest wealth, the key to building a solid future that respects future generations. Over the years we have received important certifications that demonstrate our dedication towards environment and animals.


Before being a company, we are a large family united by a passion for authenticity and for “well done things”. This is why we work every day to pass on the values ​​of a true, genuine land, rich in tradition.


The quality of the environment affects the food chain and the animal welfare. For this reason we have decided to adopt a production system capable of using renewable energies such as biogas and photovoltaics.


In addition to being a design choice, the ceramic pack is environmentally friendly. In fact, all our packaging can be reused at home as decorative items, thus avoiding being dispersed into the environment.

Territory line

Our ceramic bottles are handcrafted and decorated with 5 different styles. Each style has been conceived and designed by artists of Calabrian origin, with the intention of telling stories of the territory and products of the Madeo Supply chain: from the roots to the kitchen in a very short journey.

The residue that settles on the bottom of our bottles is a guarantee of naturalness and cold pressing of the high quality raw material. Don’t throw it away, value it!




This bottle represents our roots, like those of centuries-old trees, deep and firmly linked to the territory of origin. The essence of the Madeo family tradition!




Olive groves are the color and the sap of our hills, where black pigs have always rooted, represented in their natural habitat, free and happy.




The Black Pig is, together with the olive tree, the symbol of our land. It is a native breed raised outdoor in full respect of animal welfare.




Another very important agricultural resource of our land is the chili pepper. It is grown in the Supply chain in the open field and freshly pressed together with the olives, giving the oil a bright orange colour, synonymous with freshness and genuineness.




It is always a pleasure to bring the Calabrian tradition to the table and taste our oil in many different ways: from the most typical recipes to the most delicious!




The perfect summary of our Supply chain, through a depiction capable of expressing the harmony of nature: the olive trees, the chillies, the pigs, the people are part of a whole that has been handed down for generations and keeps the tradition alive.

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